What does an orthopaedic mattress mean?

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Today’s market for mattresses, has a variety of models, each one of them able to meet your specific needs – be it design, the ability to heal any health issues, or the standard desire for a good night sleep.  In any case if you are looking for a mattress it’s good to have an understanding of these models before you make a decision. That way the consumer is most likely to have an idea of which mattress is ideal for him. As most of us are already aware of the terms – memory foam, one sided and double sided mattress, it is time we make a short review on the orthopaedic mattress. What does an orthopaedic mattress mean and is it the right choice for me? Is it a part of the low price category, or do we need a bigger budget to be able to afford it? We will now answer all of the above questions!


  1. What is an orthopaedic mattress?

The shape and size of an orthopaedic mattress is no different than that of a regular one.  They come in all sizes as any other mattress and would fit any bed. What is different about the orthopaedic mattress is its special function, designed for comfort and relaxation. As the name implies, it is made with a certain medical purpose – orthopaedic . We are all aware that this area of medicine deals with the bones, muscles, arms and legs – in all, the spine and limbs. By this we can decipher that these mattresses are created for people with orthopaedic issues.  Such issues are mostly pain in the spine, waist, joints, muscles and bones.  How can an orthopaedic mattress aid against spine deformation? Easy!

The mattress itself is created with the sole purpose of providing the right positioning of the body, without bending the spine and causing any sort of pain, or discomfort while you are sleeping. The surface of an orthopaedic mattress “positions” your body in a right way and it also reduces chronic back, waist or limb pain quite effectively!


  1. What is the difference between an orthopaedic mattress and an anatomic one?

Taking an orthopaedic mattress for an anatomic one, is a common mistake nowadays. The terms might sound alike, but in fact we are talking about entirely different mattress models.  The anatomic mattress mostly deals with chronic issues with muscles, while the orthopaedic one deals with the spine, joints – the entire bone structure. What an anatomic mattress can help you with, is blood circulation in the muscles and their correct positioning on the mattress while you are sleeping.


Both of the types – orthopaedic and anatomic, are not exactly cheap models, because of their specific medical purposes, but people with the above mentioned medical issues would pay that little extra, because health is priceless!

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