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Amore Mattress

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The Amore Mattress provides comfort and ventilation through a cutting-edge system of layers of foams fitted together. The variable densities and elasticities of the foams create a unique, temperature-controlled environment that distributes weight evenly across the whole mattress. The summer side of this model is made of a highly elastic high resistance foam, while the winter side has a viscoelastic foam layer. The viscoelastic foam helps retain heat better, creating a warming effect in cool weather. Each layer of foam is designed for ventilation, comfort and support.

  • Polyurethane foam with a density of 30 kg. / M3 with various sections for ventilation and comfort.
  • Memory foam with a density of 65 kg. / M3 ¬†with specific profiles for comfort.
  • Highly HR foam with a density of 36 kg. / M3 with various sections for ventilation.
  • High quality Belgian upholstery.
  • High-quality percale.
  • Onboard tape.



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