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Coconut Mattress

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The Coconut Mattress is a double sided model with a high amount of orthopaedic support. This firm model is constructed of two firm layers of polyurethane foam and one dense layer of coconut fibre. The high density of the fibre adds additional support. Micro-organisms cannot grow within the mattress due to the distribution and treatment.

1. Polyurethane foam (25/45 density/hardness)

2. Polyurethane foam (30/36 density/hardness)

3. Coconut fibre (110 kg/m3 density)

4. Nonwoven spunbond fabric

5. Polyurethane film (20/40 density/hardness)

6. Summer side: two-ply wool, cotton, polyester

7. Winter side: double layered wool, polyester

8. High-quality fabric

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