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Eliocol Mattress




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The Eliocol Mattress is produced by Don Almohadon. It is a two-sided model with a core of Eliocel water-based foam (18 cm) for comfort and orthopaedic support. This material can provide full body support with little pressure. Both sides of the mattress have also undergone an hypoallergenic treatment to ensure comfort. 

The Eliocol mattress is designed to provide comfort no matter where pressure is being exerted, helping balance the body and support it during rest. The cellular structure ensures excellent ventilation, preventing overheating and moisture retention.

Like other vacuum rolled mattress, please wait 24 hours after unpacking before using it.

  • 1. Stretch fabric
  • 2. Hypoallergenic fibre layer
3. Nonwoven fabric
  • 4. Eliocel core (30 kg/m3)
  • 5. Nonwoven fabric
6. Hypoallergenic fibre layer



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