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Infinity Mattress

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The Infinity Mattress is a double sided mattress with three layers, including two that are profiled in such a way that they interlock. 

The elasticity and variable density of the foam, combined with the unique thermal properties, provide ideal body support and temperature control while distributing weight evenly. The summer side of the mattress features a high elastic, high density foam (45 kg/m3) for comfort and air circulation. The winter side of the mattress has a denser foam layer (50 kg/m3) for added warming efficiency.

  • Polyurethane foam density 25 kg. / M3 for ventilation and comfort
  • Memory foam with a density of 50 kg. / M3. with specific profiles for comfort
  • Highly HR foam with a density of 45 kg. / M
  • Nonwoven SPUNBOND
  • Bulk wool
  • Cover with zipper of high quality fabric




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