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Naturcol Mattress




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The Naturcol Mattress is produced by Don Almohadon. This model provides an optimal balance between orthopaedic support and softness. Eliocel and memory foam combine to provide a healthy and refreshing rest, while supporting the entire body. Pressure distribution promotes healthy blood flow. Each side has a 2.5 cm layer of memory foam, sandwiching hypoallergenic fibres and the Eliocel core (18 cm). This mattress is suitable for those in need of extra orthopaedic support.

As this mattress is vacuum rolled, please wait 24 hours after unpacking before use.

  • 1. Stretch fabric
  • 2. Hypoallergenic fibre layer
  • 3. Nonwoven fabric
  • 4. Eliocel core (30 kg/m3)
5. Nonwoven fabric
6. Hypoallergenic fibre layer
  • 7. Stretch fabric



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