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Ortopedico Merino Mattress




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The Ortopedico Merino is a mattress from Don Almohadon. It is made of the latest, high-tech materials, including the ultra-flexible but non-deformable Eliocel foam. Eliocel provides excellent orthopaedic support to promote good sleep and posture. The cellular structure ensures ventilation to avoid moisture retention. Hypoallergenic wool is used as an insulation layer and to moderate temperature.

This mattress only has to be flipped during seasonal changes if desired.

  • 1. Natural wool fabric layer
2. Hypoallergenic fabric layer
  • 3. Nonwoven fabric layer
4. Eliocel core (18 cm) (30 kg/m3)
  • 5. Nonwoven fabric layer
  • 6. Hypoallergenic fabric layer
  • 7. Stretch fabric




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