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Viscoflower Mattress




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The Viscoflower Mattress, produced by Don Almohadon, provides an ideal balance of orthopaedic support and softness. Eliocel and memory foam both facilitate a healthy and refreshing rest while supporting the body completely. The unique, consistent pressure distribution helps improve blood circulation. Two layers of memory foam sandwich 18 cm of Eliocel to provide a resilient, orthopedically supportive core. The stylish designer mattress cover is treated wit bamboo. 

This mattress is vacuum rolled. Please wait 24 hours after unpacking before use.


  • 1. Stretch fabric
  • 2. Memory foam layer (2 cm) (50 kg/m3)
  • 3. Non-woven fabric
  • 4. Memory foam layer (3 cm) (50 kg/m3)
5. Eliocel core (15 cm) (30 kg/ m3)
  • 6. Non-woven fabric
  • 7. Hypoallergenic layer
8. Stretch fabric



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