Why the visitors of your hotel are not satisfied with their stay?

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Do you know why the guests of your hotel, guest house, or any other establishment that depends on visitors are not coming back? Do you have an idea, what are people looking for when they choose to stay somewhere – no matter the number of stars, location, or the great advertisement? Lets answer these questions now!

First and foremost, your guests are looking for a place where to spend the night and have a good relaxing sleep. Why are they unhappy? Because they don’t manage to sleep well, they leave agitated and sometimes even in pain. This comes from nothing else, but the quality of your mattresses!

How can you attract more people to stay in your hotel with the help of new mattresses?

Your hotel mattresses could be of too low quality, or just too cheap. Or it could be a matter of bad selection. Maybe they are so old and you haven’t seen them for so long, that you wouldn’t know the real reason for having such low numbers of visitors. All of the above is possible, but it is also possible for you to change that. How can that happen? How can you bring people back in your hotel, lodge, or eco village in the mountains? Change your mattresses. It’s so easy and you will soon start feeling the difference.  Why do we go on holidays? Why do we feel recharged after a vacation? Because we’ve had a time with good and relaxing sleep. Our bodies are rested, the muscles rejuvenated , our joints no longer strained or aching. If you follow this logic and replace your old mattresses with new and more comfortable ones, people will start coming back to your establishment.

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