Abell Latex mattress





The double sided mattress ABELL LATEX, combines the ergonomic qualities of latex with the orthopaedic ones of the coconut pads. The two are from the materials, which are vastly used in the manufacturing of mattresses, exactly because of their characteristics. Inside the core of ABELL LATEX is infused a layer of foam latex, standing out with high elastic quality, which provides smoothness in the natural movements of the body. The coconut pads provide high orthopaedic support and guarantee the best sleeping position. The coconut is also a natural antioxidant, absorbing the moisture without keeping it, providing a dry and ventilated sleeping environment. Additional help in the fight against micro organisms is provided by the bamboo strands, infused in the high quality cover.


  • Foam latex for maximum comfort
  • Coconut pads for the support of your back
High quality cover, infused with bamboo strands



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