Almary mattress





The double sided mattress ALMARY is created with the sole purpose to provide a relaxing sleep. The ALMARY two innovative technologies – Air Flex Technology and Memo Sense Technology. The polyurethane foam is elastic, with an open cellular structure, treated with different minerals with soothing qualities. This material is responsible for the good air circulation, providing a longer life for the mattress. The memory foam a special type – aqua, which is also a material providing good ventilation. Based on your individual temperature, the memory foam reacts with the curves of your body, providing maximum comfort. The cover is etched with strands of bamboo, which have good moisture absorbing qualities and is fitted with a zipper for easy maintenance.  The ALMARY mattress is a high class product, which guarantees you would wake up with a smile!


  • Air Flex Technology – polyurethane foam with high elastic qualities
  • Memo Sense Technology – breathing aqua memory foam
  • Cover etched with bamboo strands and fitted with a zipper



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