Aloe Vera Dream mattress




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The combination of core and upholster treated with aloe vera in the double sided mattress ALOE VERA DREAM provide you with a feeling of relaxation and comfort. The non-sprung mattress is made entirely of HR foam with a specific profile on one side, to provide a better feeling than your regular mattress. The specific profile gives out a massaging feeling, which helps in the complete relaxation of your body. The structure of the model allows for good air circulation, thus the mattress will be ventilating by itself, thanks to the pores in the material. This prevents any micro organisms from invading your personal space. For the complete comfort and soothing feeling the upholster has been treated with aloe vera extract as well.



  • One sided profiled core made of HR foam
  • High quality upholster treated with aloe vera extracts
  • Anti bacterial and anti akari
  • Orthopaedic model with two sides with different hardness
  • Massaging effect on one side



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