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Amar Luxury Mattress

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The Amar Luxury is made of high-quality materials and is layered in such a way that guarantees excellent ventilation and comfort. Users can choose which side suits their needs best, without sacrificing functionality. The memory foam layer moves with and supports the body’s shape and temperature, providing the ultimate comfort.

Profiled viscoelastic foam, polyurethane foam and memory foam combine for comfort, all covered in a specially treated aloe vera fabric. Aloe vera is widely known for its ability to restore the skin and remove dead cells. This helps maintain skin balance and provide a sense of softness and comfort.

  1.  Polyurethane foam base (30 kg/m3)
  2. 3D profiled high elastic, high resistance foam (36 kg/m3)
  3. Viscoelastic foam (50/20 density/hardness rating)
  4. Non-woven fabric
  5. Wool
  6. Summer side: two ply wool, cotton, polyester
  7. Winter side: two ply wool, wool, polyester
  8. Zippered fabric case treated with aloe vera

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