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AmicOne Mattress

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The AmicOne mattress is double-sided and made of Bodyzone latex. The Bodyzone technology utilizes the high elasticity of the latex to allow the body to sink in while better distributing the body weight, improving circulation and support provided. The seven zones of comfort provide reinforcement in the neck, shoulders, hips, pelvis and feet. 

The latex prevents development of micro-organisms, making this mattress good for those with allergies. Its flexibility and elasticity allows this model to be used in any bedframe, including electric ones.

The zippered case is made of a special elastic fabric, padded cotton jersey with high absorption. A hypoallergenic hollow fibre is woven in to help regulate humidity..

  • Seven zones of comfort
  • Special orthopedic network technology Bodyzones
  • Elasticity and flexibility of the material
  • Divisible zipper for easy maintenance of cleanliness


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