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Anniversary Mattress

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The Anniversary Mattress is double-sided and made of a 20 cm layer of latex. This latex uses Bodyzone technology, providing orthopaedic support and promoting better circulation. Body weight is evenly distributed using seven zones of comfort for different regions of the body. There is particularly special reinforcement in the neck, shoulders, hips, pelvis and feet.

Attached is a removable zip-top mattress, with layers of Frescolana and Supercomfort wool. The underside is lined with a hollow fibre (300 g/m2) to increase thermoregulation.

The case is made of a polyester-viscose-cotton blend that easily absorbs any moisture. Hypoallergenic hollow fibres (100 g/m2) assist with humidity control.

  • Orthopedic network technology Bodyzones
  • Temperature controlling wool
  • Seven zones of comfort
  • Top mattress – removable and washable
  • A layer of hollow hypoallergenic fiber
  • Case from high quality elastic fabric
  • Easy maintenance of cleanliness


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