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Aruba Mattress

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The Aruba Mattress is a double-sided mattress, featuring a pocket spring core for orthopaedic support. This support is further enhanced as it is in a frame of Kovafoam. Silver ions from the lurex fabric coating (from Deslee Clama) are released over time, protecting the mattress from the development of mites, bacteria and fungi naturally. With spunbond fibres and silicon used, the mattress adjusts to the body temperature to ensure a peaceful rest.

Silicone hollow fibre non wovens SPUN BONDED, used in quilted cover provide additional softness and make it a natural thermostat, constantly adapting to the heat and humidity of the body.

  • Nonwoven Spunbond
  • Orthopedic POCKET SPRING technology
  • Quilted cover
  • High quality fabric with Silver threads


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