Cydonia mattress





The double sided mattress CYDONIA is a promise of comfort. The model is of a high class design, combining a few innovative ideas of manufacture. The core of the CYDONIA  consists of 400 multi – pocket springs per square meter, which are all separately packed inside unwoven textile. The innovative ZeoFoam – foam treated with the mineral zeolyth, proven as a natural de – toxicant, which lowers sweating. The upholster of the mattress is made of the luxurious textile BioRhytm, treated with minerals soothing the body and providing your energy. The model is with the unorthodox height of 34 cm, which increases comfort and underlines all its amazing qualities.


  • I-springs Super Comfort technology – orthopaedic multi-picket springs
  • ZeoFoam – comfortable memory foam with de-tox effect
  • BioRhytmic technology – high quality upholster, treated with minerals



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