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Diamante Dual Mattress

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The Diamante Dual mattress uses the Dual Core system to provide both soft and firm surface comfort, depending on the preference of each user. The inside of the mattress is made in two parts and can be inverted to correspond with preferences. It is multi layered with memory foam (5 cm), Elioform foam (7 cm), Eliosoft foam (7 cm) another memory foam layer (5 cm), gel foam (3 cm) and an extra memory foam (2 cm) layer in the case. The case is made with Outlast, a durable and hygienic fabric that helps regulate temperature.

  • Layered combination of memory foam, gel foam, Eliosoft, Elioform
  • System Dual Core, which provides both softer and firmer basis according to personal preferences of each partner
  • Textiles Outlast, removable cover – ensures good hygiene and regulate the temperature


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