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Diona mattress




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The innovative technologies used in the making of the double sided orthopaedic mattress DIONA, provide you with a high degree of softness and comfort. The core of the DIONA is made of the innovative foam called ND, giving a feeling of support and stability to your bone structure. It is also important for the correct positioning of the spine. The dense layer of memory foam also used in the making of DIONA provides thermal qualities to the mattress, remembering the right position and evenly spreading its weight across its surface. Its massaging and relaxing surface, relieve your body of tension and cramps in the muscles. The core is encased in a high quality upholster, which is easy to maintain.


  • Core made of durable ND foam
  • A 3cm layer of profiled memory foam
  • High quality upholster made of quilted textile
  • Two sides of softness and comfort
  • Antibacterial
  • Moisture absorbing



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