Diplomat De Lux mattress





The double sided mattress DIMPLOMAT DE LUX, is a durable and comfortable model, thanks to the Pocket System technology used in the making of its core. It is one of the most preferred systems, because each spring has been packed individually in an elastic textile pocket, reacting to the pressure coming from your body, and together they keep it in the ideal sleeping position. The pocket system is characterised with a long life and the quality of the mattress remains good, no matter its constant everyday use. The individually packed springs allow for good air circulation, therefore no moisture remains in the mattress. There are layers of elastic HD foam on both sides of the mattress, which is durable and does not deform with use. The upholster is made of quilted textile, which provides the model with a soft touch.


  • Pocket System technology
  • HD foam
  • Quilted textile upholster



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