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Gala Memory mattress





The double sided mattress GALA MEMORY is a combination of high quality materials and the innovative technologies used in its making. Its core is made out of the comfort Multi Pocket system – a system in which every spring is individually packed in textile, with the ability to distribute weight perfectly. The Multi Pocket system itself is highly durable, thus elongating the lifespan of the mattress.  The model is preferred by couples with big differences in weight, because of its ability to evenly distribute the weight of the body, eliminating any high pressure points. On both sides of the springs is attached a layer of HD foam, which provides good air circulation and coupled with the innovative 3D strip along the board, protects you from moisture and akari bacteria. The mattress GALA MEMORY includes a luxurious cover made of the special jojoba textile and etched inside the upholster memory foam for additional comfort. The way these materials are layered help the mattress to more quickly react to your body temperature and increases the softness. The jojoba extract inside the upholster guarantees a gentle touch and a soothing feeling for your skin.


  • Medium hardness
  • Independent pressure points
Multi Pocket core for additional comfort and durability
  • HD foam for good ventilation
  • Memory foam
  • Luxurious upholster treated with jojoba extracts
  • Revolutionary 3D strip for good air circulation



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