Lavender Uno mattress




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The core of the double sided mattress LAVENDER UNO is made of 15cm layer of polyurethane foam, which characterises with high density and a layer of 3cm profiled foam, and 5 different comfort zones. This way the mattress provides two sides with at different feeling – dense and orthopaedic support in one and a massaging effect on the other, thanks to the profiled foam. The structure of the materials also allows for good air circulation, much needed for a healthy and hygiene sleeping environment. The construction is symmetrical with a medium hardness. The cover of the LAVENDER UNO is fitted with a zipper for easy maintenance. The upholster is etched with a layer of nano capsules filled with lavender, that give out a soothing scent for maximum comfort and relaxation. It helps relieve stress and anxiety from the day.


  • Core made of highly elastic and dense polyurethane foam
  • A layer of 3cm memory foam
5 comfort zones
  • Lavender upholster
  • Cover with a zipper



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