Lavender Uno Memory mattress




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The LAVENDER UNO MEMORY is a double sided mattress. The high level of comfort it provides is thanks to the 12cm layer of polyurethane foam, 3cm of profiled foam on one side and 3cm memory foam on the other. The polyurethane foam is characterised with high density and elastic qualities and the profiled side has five different comfort zones. The memory foam gently takes on the curves of your body. This way the mattress provides you with a massaging effect on one side and surrounds you with comfort on the other. The structure of the materials allows for good air circulation, much needed for a healthy and hygiene environment. The model provides a medium level of hardness and an orthopaedic effect. The cover of the LAVENDER UNO MEMORY is fitted with a zipper for easy maintenance. The upholster is etched with a layer of nano capsules filled with lavender, that give out a soothing scent for maximum comfort and relaxation. It helps relieve stress and anxiety from the day.


  • Core made of highly elastic and dense polyurethane foam
  • A layer of 3cm memory foam
5 comfort zones
  • Lavender upholster
  • Cover with a zipper



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