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The double sided mattress MEDICAL HARD/SOFT is indeed an innovative product. Thanks to the separable cover, the model allows for manual regulation of the cores layers depending on your personal preferences, you can use one mattress in four different ways. The MEDICAL HARD/SOFT mattress is ideal for people with health issues, because of all the advantages it provides. The core is made of layers of Polyflex foam with different density, each of them covered in a 100% cotton cover. At the centre is a layer of 2cm thermo sensitive memory foam, which helps your body take the ideal sleeping position. Made entirely of ecological materials, the mattress is ideal for people with allergies and respiratory problems. The cover is quilted with a cotton upholster made of Organic Cotton. Inside are layers of cotton and giving out a warm feeling during winter and cooling during the summer. The cover is fitted with a zipper and a breathing strip for easy maintenance.  The model is orthopaedic and distributes the weight of or body perfectly along its entire surface, creating the right pressure points and with that perfect comfort. The soft and hard sides are ideal of people with different preferences and helps with issues with the waist and back.


  • Allows for personalization trough the regulation of the different layers included in the mattress
  • Ideal for people with allergies
Orthopaedic qualities
  • Easy maintenance and ecologic materials



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