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OlivOil Mattress

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The OlivOil mattress is made for comfort and relaxation. The core is made of high resistance foam that helps the spine stay aligned in its natural position during rest. it helps promote relaxation of the muscles and proper circulation. Both sides of the mattress have memory foam layers, in different thicknesses as to provide different options for the user. Memory foam is also designed to moderate body temperature while adapting to the shape of the body. The OlivOil fabric finish has micro-capsules of olive oil to provide its rejuvenating properties. 

This mattress also has a 3D mesh band to improve ventilation inside, discouraging bacteria and moisture accumulation.

1. 3D tape to increase the ventilation of the mattress

2. Luxury OlivOil fabric to maintain natural moisture balance of the skin

3. Memory foam of different thicknesses to provide two options of softness and comfort

4. High resistance foam core



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