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Phisyotech Light Mattress

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The Mollyflex Physiotech Light Mattress perpetuates a feeling of relaxation during rest due to the optimal weight distribution.

This mattress is targeted at providing the best ergonomically sound experience possible. The top layer is a 7 cm Viscofoam (A) for comfort, as the material moulds and adapts to the user, eliminating points of tension. Underneath is a 13 cm layer of Elastfoam (B) with a medium firmness and “chocolate bar” type structure to induce ventilation. Users can choose, however, what side to sleep on, whether a soft or firm surface is required. 

The luxurious fabric casing is treated with an anti-carbon coating. It is washable and removable.

  • Flexible Memory foam, which gives strong support to the body
  • Soft and pleasant sensation
  • Perforated structure type “chocolate bars”
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Luxury case with anti-carbon coating, removable for easy maintenance


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