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Quebeq Mattress


Quebeq Mattress provides good rest and ensure proper body position in its use. Quebeq Mattress is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-static, providing an extremely high level of comfort while you sleep. The first layer of core is Viscofoam Watterlily 7 cm. (A), which provides excellent orthopedic support to your body and supports relaxation of muscles by eliminating the tension sleep. Underneath it is located Polilattex 13 cm. (B). The stylish case is treated with soy and has anti-allergic effects. Washable and replaceable cover. Quebeq Mattress has two different levels  of hardness on each of their sides.

  • High level of comfort
  • 2 different zones of hardness
  • Flexible Memory foam, which gives strong support to the body
  • 2 different types foam – Viscofoam Watterlily, Polilattex.
  • Removable case for easy maintenance, treated with soy


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