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Relax Princess Mattress

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The Relax Princess Mattress is a double-sided Bonnell spring mattress. The springs are set inside a stabilized frame and layered with needle-punched latex felt, which helps isolate the springs’ movement, providing goo orthopaedic support. It is layered with polyurethane foam and spunbond fabric, both of which inhibit bacteria growth. The mattress also has ventilation valves, allowing for air flow.
The summer side of the mattress is layered with polyurethane, polyester cotton and spunbond fabric, while the winter side has wool fibres for extra warmth. These layers are wrapped in a jacquard fabric for ultimate comfort.

  • Spring system type “Bonell”
  • Good ventilation and aeration
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Double-sided high quality Jacquard fabric


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