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Silvercare Mattress

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The Silvercare Mattress utilizes leading technology to combat allergies and respiratory problems while providing comfort. Airyform adjusts in firmness to the user, and Waterlattex, a type of water-based latex polymer, helps discourage allergens. This makes this model a good choice for young children who do not have fully developed systems yet.

The core of Elioform Soft foam is a highly elastic, breathable foam that provides anatomical and orthopaedic support. Memory foam is also layered on to increase the comfort provided, moulding to the shape, weight and body temperature of the user. The cover, containing silver threads, helps protect against dust, mites and bacteria. It can be removed for cleaning. The mattress is also ventilated, providing a healthy sleep environment.

  • Core of Elioform Soft
  • 3D mesh board
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Fabric, woven with silver thread
  • Removable, washable case with zipper


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