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Termal Visco – grey Mattress

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The Termal Visco Grey Mattress, produced by Don Almohadon, combines Eliocel and memory foam to facilitate a healthy and rejuvenating rest. The combination of these two technologically advanced materials mean your mattress is resilient, durable and supportive. The outer fabric is coated with a unique, breathable suede fabric that is gentle to the touch. The winter suede side promotes warmth during the cooler months, and the breathability of the summer side helps cool the body during the hot season.

This mattress is vacuum rolled. Please wait 24 hours after unpacking before use.

  1.  Suede fabric
  2.  Memory foam layer (4 cm) (50 kg/m3)
  3. Non-woven fabric
  4. Eliocel core (18 cm) (30 kg/m3)
  5. Non-woven fabric
  6.  Memory foam layer (4 cm) (50 kg/m3)
  7. 3D breathable fabric



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