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Universe Plus Mattress


The Universe Plus Mattress consists of three different layers of varying softness to provide excellent comfort and air circulation.

The top layer is 4 cm of 100% latex, distributing body weight to provide support for the spine, shoulders, and hips while alleviating muscle tension. The latex self-ventilates, creating an ideal environment for rest.

The 10 cm middle layer of polyurethane foam is high-density with seven zones of comfort, tailored to support specific areas of the body. 

6 cm of memory foam make up the last layer, providing balanced support and comfort. It is reactive to body temperature, ensuring a perfect environment regardless of season.

The cotton jersey case is woven with silver threads. Silver provides antibacterial properties and neutralizes the negative ions of bacteria. Along the case is a 3D band with two membranes that help air ventilation. The case itself is divided into two parts for easy removal.

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Innovative Memory foam
  • High quality fabric with Silver threads
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Special 3D band edge
  • Divisible zipper for easy maintenance of cleanliness




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