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Virtuoso Mattress

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The Virtuoso Mattress combines high-quality materials and elegant fabrics. The viscose is adorned with decorative motifs of Florentine lilies. The base is made of memory foam and Eliosoft foam layers, providing comfort and support.

The winter side of the mattress uses cashmere, camel wool, merino wool and horsehair to insulate, while the summer side uses linen, cotton and silk to cool. This exclusive mattress excuses sophistication and comfort, providing an experience for the body and the senses.

  • Layers Eliosoft (14 cm), two layers with a 4 cm Memory foam
  • Winter side – filled with cashmere, camel wool, Merino wool and horsehair
  • Summer side – mix of linen, cotton and silk
  • Textiles from shiny viscose adorned with decorative motifs of the Florentine lilies


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