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Viscotech Class Mattress


The Viscotech Class Mattress provides a healthy and refreshing rest through outstanding orthopaedic support. This model is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and antistatic, providing a comfortable, relaxing environment for rest. The Viscofoam Waterlily layer (5 cm) and Newlattex layer (13 cm) combine to provide comfort and orthopaedic support. This model has two different levels of firmness on each side. The elasticity and temperature sensitivity adapt to the body, providing the user a perfect sleep.

The stylish exterior case is coated with a Silver Safe hypoallergenic treatment, and is washable and removable.

  • High level of comfort
  • 2 different zones of hardness
  • Flexible Memory foam, which gives strong support to the body
  • 2 different types foam – Viscofoam Watterlily, Newlattex.
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Anti-allergic effect
  • Removable case for easy maintenance, coated with Silver Safe


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