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Zahir Mattress

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The Zahir Mattress is a double-sided model made of highly elastic foam for comfort in all seasons. It is softer in the summer and firmer in the winter, moderating body temperature to ensure a pleasant rest.

The mattress is made of different layers of foam to provide comfort and support during rest, improving your health and well-being.

3D – structure of the profile. Additional 3 cm. Layer of Memory winter side. The variety of input foams is a guarantee for an experience that will actually make your sleep healthy and relaxed.

  1.  Polyurethane foam base with a 30/36 density/hardness rating
  2. Elastic foam layer with a 36/38 density/hardness rating
  3. Memory and viscoelastic foam layer with a 50/20 density/hardness rating
  4. Spunbound fabric layer
  5. Polyurethane foam layer with a 20/40 desnity/hardness rating
  6. Summer side: wool, cotton and polyester layer
  7. Winter side: double-layered wool and polyester layer
  8. Fabric casing (tencel)

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